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Gemmy at 6 months!

Gemmy at 6 months!

December 6, 2013
Gemmy at 2 months

Gemmy at 2 months

November 12, 2013

inspired and sad

beautiful moments

are shared by both feeling in awe and a wave of sadness

in awe of the pure magic occurring at your very fingertips

sadness because it will soon be over

that moment will be lost forever

try as you may, it will never be recreated

how do we savour that moment knowing it is almost gone?

hold on a little longer, a little tighter, fight for it

breathe in the scent, let your eyes focus, revel in the brilliance

and when it is gone, close your eyes

smile, cherish the beauty, lock it away in your treasured memories

and begin the search for the next

October 7, 2013

Me Without You

Its amazing. I can already feel the warmth. Its deep inside, somewhere in my heart locked in a golden Pandora’s box waiting to make its return. The light is the good in me, that shined through because of you. Because of your beauty, your truth, your integrity and your never-ending ability to see that light in me no matter how dim it was. No matter how much doubt I carried, how much I thought that light was lost forever. The biggest mistake I ever made was letting that light burn out, not fighting for it. I should have. Funny how we figure that out later. After all this time, its so close I can feel it with my fingertips, soft and beautiful, ready to come back and this time stay for eternity. I want to reach out and grab it and never let go. I don’t want to go back to me without you.

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Teaching a big old dressage horse how to jump!

Teaching a big old dressage horse how to jump!

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It’s that time of year again!!! GO PENS GO

It’s that time of year again!!! GO PENS GO

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“ The south lost the battle and children lose their youth, the best day of my life was on the day that I lost you. ”

The Band Perry “Forever Mine Nevermind”

October 6, 2013

Sleep is overrated.

Last night was both magical, disturbing and absolutely mind boggling. How is it you can want to hear destiny-altering words from more than one person, only to have them both spilling those words out to you in one night. That’s when I wish I had a little alien making the decisions for me up there. See the future and tell me where I’ll end up happy. Can’t it be that easy sometimes?

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“ “A horse who loves to jump gathers toward the fence with a trembling electricity so patent that some horsemen say they can feel it in the roots of their hair. As the horse makes his final approach to a fence, it matters not how much the rider wants or hopes or prays. It matters not what whip he carries or how often he nudges with sharp spurs. The horse who jumps well jumps for the joy of flight; the rider he brings along with him receives a bountiful gift that is completely undeserved.”-Elizabeth Letts, The Eighty Dollar Champion ”

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“ There are riders who make it happen, riders who watch it happen, and riders who wonder what happened. ”

Jim Wofford (via 500fairytales)

I am all of these riders at one point or another.  (via becoming-ben-maher)

(via judgemyride)

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October 2, 2013